10 ‘Healthy Things’ Women Do That Sabotage Weight Loss

10 Healthy Things Women Do That Sabotage Weight LossNowadays, when we think of weight loss, we associate it with long workout sessions, strict diet plans and going sugar-free. We cut out all the “wrong” things and basically stick to what we believe is a healthy diet and lifestyle. But what if I tell you that you might actually be going about things the wrong way?

If you’ve been living in the gym lately and eating all the right foods yet not seeing the results you hoped for, maybe you need to re-think your weight loss plan. You know how people say too much of a good thing can be harmful? Well, that might be the case here.

Read along and watch out for these 10 things you might need to alter in your regimen for you to hit your health targets.

1Gym Rat

If you’ve pitched a tent in the gym and have been working out non-stop, maybe you should think about taking a break. Yes, sweating it out is necessary for weight loss but rest is too. Have a sensible workout routine and give yourself some days off as well. An option is to get some guidance from a professional who can aid you in establishing a good plan to reach your targets. Don’t push yourself to the point of injury – recharge and recover once in a while and you’ll see the benefits it will give your body.

2The Same Worout

Not only is it fun to regularly try new things with regards to your workout; but, it also keeps the body challenged. Yes, the body gets used to the things that we do and it stops working the muscles the way it used to. Keep your muscles excited and change your exercise plan regularly. It will help you burn the calories you need to and will keep you challenged as well.

3Going Gluten Free

It has become a craze, these days, to go for the gluten-free and organic products. Now, that isn’t really a problem; however, these products often contain higher amounts of carbohydrates in them which can cause weight gain. If your body can’t take gluten, then definitely stick to products that don’t contain the food source. However, for the rest, try going for whole-grain products and maybe those with seeds for a healthier option.

4Sugar-Free Diets

Sodas, gum, desserts and so many more products are labelled sugar-free and automatically we think, “Okay, this must be the better choice.” Well, if you’re counting calories then, yes, these products are helpful; but, don’t think that keeping the numbers low equals a healthier lifestyle. Artificial sweeteners have chemicals in them, like aspartame and sucralose, that are linked with possible heart disease. Packets of sweeteners are also more potent than sugar and studies have shown that regular intake of the product can lead to addiction to the flavor and thus cause obesity.

5High Protein Diet

Again, balance is key. Yes, good protein which comes from lean meat or dairy products helps us build muscle which burns the stored fat in our body, but, too much of it can also be harmful. If not paired with the right amount of fibre, it can lead to constipation and irritation.

Research shows that we need around 50 grams of good protein every day to promote weight loss. When going for a high-protein diet, come up with a plan to incorporate different sources, like beans and soy, and pair it with high fibre food like vegetables and grains.

6Skipping Meals

Never skip meals! That’s the truth. Actually, when trying to shed pounds, having small meals five times a day is best. It not only promotes healthy digestion but it also speeds up your metabolism causing you to burn calories and shed pounds quicker. Skipping meals does the opposite for your body. And yes, it is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It starts up your system early and keeps it going. According to studies, you need to have at least 1,200 calories per day to keep yourself healthy.

7Healthy Snacking

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. When on a diet, we choose healthy food items to snack on when the hunger pangs approach. Fruits, nuts and granola bars are some samples of healthy snack choices. However, balance is still key. Fruits, for example, despite being good for the body still contain high amounts of sugar. So, we have it for the vitamins and minerals it deposits into our system but still in moderation. Same goes for every other snack we choose.

8H20 Bottles

We definitely believe that water is necessary for a healthy diet plan. Eight glasses or more a day keeps you hydrated and promotes proper digestion. The health benefits are numerous, including natural cleansing for your system. For me, it is also still the best thirst quencher. What you need to consider is the bottle you use for your water. Plastic water bottles contain a substance called Bisphenol A which is considered harmful for the body. Also known as BPA, studies have linked it to infertility and obesity. Consider using water bottles that you can reuse and that are BPA free.

9No Dessert

Give yourself a break! We all need it once in a while. Keep your sweet tooth satisfied but choose your dessert options. Research shows that having a bit of dessert can actually help in weight loss. Have it for breakfast – maybe you can have a cup of berries and yogurt or some yummy, dark hot chocolate.

10Zero Fat

The word “fat” has become taboo in the world of dieters. People tend to believe that nothing good comes from having some fat in your diet but that actually isn’t the truth. There are bad fats and good fats. Some of our favorite healthy food, like nuts and salmon, contain fats that help us absorb the nutrients in the food we eat. Fats are also essential in keeping the body warm and giving us energy for our day. So, don’t ban them altogether from your diet, we definitely need some good fats to keep us healthy.

A Proven Plan

Did you know that the biggest reasons our diets fail is because we over complicate things? Keeping things simple is crucial for weight loss. So get started today and give these tips a go - they really do work!

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