12 “Healthy” Foods That Are Ruining Your Weight Loss

If you head to the healthy food section of your grocery, so many goods are branded and marketed as being the better choice. You’ve got a range of whole-grains, multi-grains, organic, sugar-free and gluten-free merchandise that are supposedly beneficial for your diet. Some actually are, but, if not careful with your choices and portions, others might do more harm than good.

It is useful to know which products actually benefit you and which you might need to stay away from if trying to lose excess weight.

We’ve a got a list of the 12 “healthy” food items you should remove from your diet completely for you to reach your weight goals.


The famous breakfast food is considered to be highly nutritious because of the combination of nuts and oats it comprises. However, to sweeten the granola, honey, brown sugar or artificial sweeteners are blended into the mixture. Plus, to get a little crunch, puff rice, which is 597 calories per cup, is added in as well. You get more bad calories than good calories from this famous snack bar.

Instead of having granola, switch to your old-school oatmeal which is high in fibre and keeps you satisfied for longer periods of time.

2Purchased Protein Shakes

Made in your own home where you can portion control and choose what you add to the mix, a protein shake can be a great metabolism booster and appetite reducer. However, the pre-made versions you buy over the counter contain tons of sugar and other chemicals in them that can be harmful to your diet.

3Agave Nectar

This natural sweetener grew in popularity among the health conscious because it was said to be a better alternative to white sugar and even honey. It was recommended as good even for diabetics because it has a low glycemic index, which means it does not cause the blood sugar to spike after it’s taken. This might be true but weight watchers need to beware. A teaspoonful of this natural ingredient contains 20 more calories than a teaspoonful of sugar.

4Baked, Not Fried!

Baked is always better, right?? Wrong!!

Yes, it’s true! Baked chips are better in the sense that they are not deep fried in oil thus contain less fat; however, to compensate for the taste, they contain so much more salt and even sugar. Chips are chips whether baked or fried. Their junk in the body. Consider carrot or celery sticks instead if you’re just looking for that crunch.

5Calorie-Free? Sprays

Listen, you’re about to feel duped!

They are not actually calorie free. Must I repeat?

The USFDA has suggested that any product that contains not more than 5 calories per serving can be marked and promoted as ZERO calories. Yup! So, just so you know, these can contain up to 10 calories every few sprays.

Stick to using the right amount of the healthier oils for your dishes and you’ll be fine.

6Smoothie Bowls

Yes, they are super delicious and can be equally nutritious, as well, as long as the right ingredients and portions are used. Like many of the other items on this list, the ones prepared at home are still the best. You get to choose the ingredients and how much of it you put in. Restaurant made ones can be packed with sugary ingredients, like fruit purees, which causes them to be calorific.

Prepare your own bowl to make sure both you and your body are both enjoying.

7Veggie Chips

Need more greens in your life? Nope! Veggie chips are not the answer. It may seem healthy but it’s not. It’s packed with sugar and salt, both enemies of a healthy diet. It also is processed with tons of unnatural ingredients.
Toss up some crunchy lettuce with juicy tomatoes and other yummy green ingredients to get your veggie fix. Best advice ever.

8Organic Candy

“Organic” and “candy” just don’t go well together.

Look, no matter how much we try, candy will never be healthy. It has no nutritional benefits to our body at all and, in fact, can actually be harmful because of the amount of sugar it gives us with every piece we have.

Sweet tooth is screaming? Have fruit – it’s delicious and nutritious!

9Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt, in itself, is very healthy for the tummy. It contains good bacteria which aides in proper digestion and the cleansing out of built up toxins in our body. However, like most of the items in the list, the flavored versions are loaded with sugar.

Keep it healthy! Choose unflavoured yoghurt and add some fruits as a natural sweetener or choose the low- sugar versions of the product.

10Light Ice-Cream

There is nothing like having a huge bowl of yummy, creamy ice-cream on a hot summer day to cool you down. Top it off with M&M, marshmallows, chocolate syrup…STOP!!!

Ice-cream is loaded with fat and sugar that gives it it’s delicious flavour. The next best thing is to have the light version but nope, not good as well. It’s packed with artificial sweeteners and other harmful chemicals that give it the same flavour while cutting on the calories.


A quick look at the nutrition label on a pack of pretzels will make you think that they are a healthy snack choice. That’s because they are considerably low in fat. However, don’t stop looking just yet. They are also high in sodium and enriched white flour and contribute almost zero vitamins and nutrients to the body. So, basically, you’re eating empty calories. It makes you think, what’s the point?

12Diet Soda

Research has shown that people who drink diet soda have significantly larger waistlines than those who don’t. Wonder why? Well, diet soda is high in artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that adds a whole lot to the number of bad bacteria in the tummy.

Craving for a cold, refreshing drink? Treat yourself to a coconut water or fresh fruit juice. It might contain some calories but they will surely benefit your body.

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